Introduction to VectaVane
We are a small Isle of Wight firm of sailing enthusiasts who have developed these products for the small sailing cruiser. We have tried to make them simple as possible, efficient, easy to repair if damaged and relatively inexpensive.
  Self steering for Sailboats. Simple and Revolutionary design. Inexpensive. Powerful and Easily Removable, especially designed to be mounted on an outboard Bracket or similar for the Convenience of Swift and Easy Removal. As Strong as a Helmsman. Powerful enough to tolerate a large sail imbalance. Designed with SAFETY in mind.
  Our universal mounting bracket for VectaVane although not designed for this purpose, has been used as a bracket for small outboard motors. We strongly recommend the fitting of an extra "U" bolt to the hull fitting.
  Our inexpensive sailing dinghy modification kit, although designed to enable those with agility problems to sail in ease and safety, can equally be enjoyed by those who value comfort.
Studying results at 6 knots.
Science sixth formers from Sandown High IW. quantifying and proving the prototype VectaVane as part of their "A" levels in the large tank of the then British Aerospace Hovercraft Div. at Cowes IW.
The Prototype Mounted on Test Carriage
As you can see- a bit of a "lash up" but still - it worked. It did move slightly when we approached 12 knots with a pull of around 120 lbs or say 50 kgs.
These tests resulted in some mods. but the design was about right.
We've also altered the appearance of the castings. It looks a lot less bulky - more "attractive" if that is the word.
Sunset over Bembridge Harbour
After a good sail! You can just see VectaVane, still mounted
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